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Womans Varsity Jackets

Premium Quality Varsity Jackets for Women

Letterman Jackets for Women who Stand Above Trends

Long gone are the days when the letterman jacket look was viewed as something belonging solely to the men’s wardrobe. Ladies varsity jackets from VarsityBase prove that the always-edgy college style garment is a must-have accessory for every fashion loving, contemporary woman out there. Combining the best bits of sportswear aesthetic and regular streetwear looks, yet perfectly complementing sophisticated wardrobe choices.

Women’s letterman jackets from VarsityBase are more than just mere eye candy. The textiles used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality. With the main body of the jacket made from heavyweight 24-ounce Melton cloth wool and sleeves produced from authentic cowhide leather, we manufacture letterman jackets that provide comfortable wear throughout the year. It’s a garment that provides a fashionable look without sacrificing the wellness and comfort of the wearer.

The college jacket look has always been associated with confidence - a character that dares to step forward and lead the rest. As the ultimate unisex clothing piece, varsity jacket has also been celebrated for its universal appeal to both young and old. Whether you’re attending a concert, going out for a coffee or walking the red carpet of a high-profile event - varsity jacket is unique for its capacity to complement both fresh a pair of sneakers and fancy purse.

The staple high school look does not mean you have to be a thriving youngster to wear it. The ever-fresh Americana look suits everyone, regardless of their age or background. A new facet to your femininity, varsity jacket is a must-have wardrobe entry - a seal of independence and restless spirit.

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