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Varsity Base
Vintage Varsity Jacket

High Quality Varsity Jackets

Iconic Look with VarsityBase College Jackets. With a history stretching more than half a century, varsity jackets are a wardrobe addition that genuinely never went out of style. Always trendy, exceptionally comfortable and adding a certain edge to the wearer’s appearance, the signature college look is highly sought-after regardless of the season or whatever trend is current in the fashion world.

Our club jackets

A garment that stands above the concepts of race, age and gender, club jacket personifies an all-cool attitude and always-young spirit. Originally a trophy item, high school varsity jackets were awarded to the students who excelled in their field. Luckily, today you don’t have to achieve a milestone in order to acquire your new team jacket. Your next piece of garment is literally in your arm’s reach. Even with the high school association still being present, the iconic clothing piece is embraced by both high fashion aficionados and comfort-loving casual wearers.

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Varsity Base
Vintage Varsity Jacket

Why Choose Varsity Base Letterman Jackets

Letterman Jacket – Beyond Time & Trends. Letterman jackets from VarsityBase go hand in hand with the tradition, however, emphasizing the quality aspect of the garment above everything else. Putting the wearer's comfort in the first place, our jackets are available in a variety of hues, giving a chance to find the perfect complementary garment to any customer looking for their new varsity letterman jacket.

The material foundation of our varsity jackets, however, remains the same – an authentic cowhide letter combined with heavyweight, 24-ounce wool. This fusion of textiles makes our varsity jackets a particularly great selection for the most weather conditions, especially for spring and autumn seasons.

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Varsity Base
Vintage Varsity Jacket

Letterman jacket for every occasion

With the rich cultural background and the age-old yet versatile design pattern, our letterman jackets are suitable for many different occasions. Perfect for casual wear, physical activities and public events, it’s a clothing piece that will suit most of your current and future wardrobe entries. The high-quality garments from Varsity Base elaborate on the classic formula, bringing varsity jackets to the new generation of wearers. Complete with the traditional look, crafted from fine Melton cloth wool and high-quality cowhide leather, jackets from Varsity Base are a true premium-class wardrobe update. It’s a look and quality for those who appreciate a long-term impact.

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