How to Choose Materials and Colors for Your Jacket

Varsity Base offers a variety of materials and colors for your jacket. Our Build A Jacket feature lets you see your jacket before you order, and here are some tips to help you create your dream jacket.

Jacket Materials

Choose from leather, wool, and vinyl for the main parts of your jacket. You can also customize the knit trim and add shoulder inserts.

Terms to know

  • Body: The body includes the front and back of your jacket.
  • Sleeves: The sleeves start at your shoulder and extend to your wrist just above the knit trim.
  • Shoulder Inserts: Shoulder inserts are recommended for people who have broad shoulders. They are inserted between the collar line and the top of the sleeve.
  • Pockets: Add a bit of color and texture to the top of the pockets on the front of your jacket.
  • Knit Trim: Every Varsity Base jacket includes knit trim around the waist and wrists.
  • Jacket Closure: Choose between a snap or zipper closure for your jacket.


Leather is a durable and comfortable material for your custom jacket. It is ideal for climates that have wet and cold weather. You can choose leather for the:

  • Jacket body
  • Sleeves
  • Shoulder inserts
  • Pockets


Wool is the most weatherproof material that we offer for our jackets. It is a very thick and robust material. Choose wool for the:

  • Body
  • Sleeves


Vinyl is an affordable alternative to leather. It is easy to keep clean and resists stains. You can choose vinyl for the:

  • Body
  • Sleeves
  • Shoulder inserts
  • Pockets

Knit Trim

Varsity Base jackets include knit trim at the wrists and waist. Customize the knit trim of your jacket with the:

  • Base color
  • Colored stripes
  • Colored stitching

Tips for Combining Materials for Your Jacket

We recommend that you start your jacket design by choosing the material for the body. Think about the climate in your area. If you live in a region with cold winters or rainy conditions, leather, wool, and vinyl are the best options. Next, choose the material for the sleeves. Leather and vinyl may not be ideal because these materials tend to stiffen up with colder weather.

Choose the Best Color Combination

Choosing the colors of your jacket is where you can really bring out your personality and interests. Here are some ideas about color combinations for your jacket.

  • Body and sleeves that are the same color
  • Black body and grey sleeves and accents
  • Dark color for the body and brighter color for the sleeves

Be sure to consider the colors of your patches, letters, and text on your jacket. Try to use three colors or less.

Preview Your Jacket

The Varsity Base Build A Jacket feature lets you design and preview your jacket with the chosen materials and colors. The process is very intuitive to follow. Choose the collar style, body material, sleeve material, shoulder inserts, pockets, closure, and knit color for your jacket. The system shows a real-time preview of your jacket. You can now add patches, text, and letters. Once you are happy with your design, select Add to Cart to complete the order.

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