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Unique designs, unmatched quality, passionately American.

Varsity Base Club Jackets

We’re proud of our strong reputation and excellent track record for producing reliable and high-quality letterman jackets. Backed by our best-in-class service, we’re excited to take your concept and create a club jacket that exceeds your expectations!

Letterman Jackets are for Everyone

From hobby teams, little league teams, and clubs to large corporations and small businesses, we cater to a wide range of clients who are looking for a club jacket that has that little something extra.

Increasingly our letterman jackets have become popular as a customizable clothing option for company uniforms, employee incentives, and team building events. They are also ideal for corporate gifting, where you are looking for a unique, customized gift to express gratitude to your most important clients.

Varsity Base Club Jackets Varsity Base Club Jackets

Customizable Letterman Jackets

Our range of letterman jackets can be made to order in a range of different fabrics, including wool, leather, vinyl, and satin. And our color range is unmatched with 26 different options and a commitment to sourcing the perfect Pantone if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for.

Varsity Base Club Jackets

The Biggest Range of Jacket Design Options

Mix and match the colors you like in any way you want, then add custom patches and embroidery. Our designers will create a design of your dreams, and there are no set-up or design fees.

Varsity Base Club Jackets

Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Tell us what you’re looking for

Varsity Base Club Jackets Color/Material
Varsity Base Club Jackets
Varsity Base Club Jackets Size
Varsity Base Club Jackets
Varsity Base Club Jackets Customization
Varsity Base Club Jackets
Varsity Base Club Jackets Quantity
Varsity Base Club Jackets

Varsity Base Club Jackets

For example:

“I want one size Large forest green wool jacket with purple leather sleeves. I want my name embroidered in white on the left side of the chest, US flag patch on the left sleeve, and my school mascot embroidered on the back of the jacket.”

2. Our customer service team will send you a quote

Varsity Base Club Jackets

We will get back to you with a rendering of your jacket and the costs; we try to respond to all inquiries on the same day.

3. Confirmation
and payment

Varsity Base Club Jackets

Once we’ve confirmed the design of your jacket, you will receive a payment link. From there, we can proceed with production, and get started with creating your custom letterman jacket!

* It takes three weeks to design and ship our jackets. Let us know if you need an earlier delivery!

** We offer deep discounts for orders of over ten jackets.

Varsity Base Club Jackets

We’re passionate about our authentic letterman jackets and love working on custom orders for our clients. Thank you for trusting us to create something special for you - we can’t wait to get started on your order!

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