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Custom Letterman Jackets

How to order a customized letterman jacket.

Varsity Base is proud to offer a large variety of materials, patches and embroidery to help build a perfect jacket. Our team will help you create a one of a kind jacket.

Use our 3D Jacket Builder or use the form below to describe your dream jacket in your own words.

Varsity Base 3D Jacket Builder

Design your very own gorgeous letterman jacket with our easy-to-use Jacket Builder. Customize every part to make it uniquely yours. Add letters, numbers and patches or explore our embroidery options.

Varsity Base Custom Jackets Example

Easy to design, easy to order and the shipping is FREE!

Order now and save!

Here’s how you can order a custom jacket.

Step 1:
Pick the material for sleeves and body.

We offer wool and leather. Most people choose wool body and leather sleeves but you can also pick all-wool or all-leather material.

Step 2:
Pick colors for the sleeves and body. Give us your best idea what colors you’d like i.e. columbia blue body, white sleeves.

Step 3:
Tell us what patches/embroidery you want and where do you want to place them.

Varsity Base Custom Jackets Example

Frequently asked questions about custom jackets.

What areas can be customized?
Sleeves, chest, pocket area and back of the jacket.

How do I pay for the jackets?
Once the we send you a design and you approve it, we’ll send you payment link.

What collars do you offer?
We offer regular collar, sailor collar, hoodie collar.

What knit trim do you offer?
We offer single color, with 2 stripes, and 2 stripes with feathering (thin accent line).

What’s the turnaround time?
Turnaround time is 3 weeks plus a few days to ship.

What’s the return policty?
Custom jackets can only be returned if we made a mistake with decoration of the jacket. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you pick the right size to make sure the jacket fits well.

How much is the shipping?
We offer free shipping on all orders!

Ready to order? Great! Submit your specs via form below or use our 3D Jacket Builder!

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